PremiumBlue PlanRoyal PlanPlatinum Plan
Family of 2N47,500N80,650N153,600
Family of 3N70,500N118,450225,650
Family of 4N93,000N156,250N297,600
Family of 5N115,00N193,200N368,000
Family of 6N136,500N229,300N463,750
Benefits PackageBenefits PackageBenefits PackageBenefits Package
General Consultation
Specialist Consultation
Lab Investigations
Prescribed Drugs
Physiotherapy Session5 per annum7 per annum10 per annum
Chronic Conditions Management
Plain & Contrast X-RaysPlain x-rays
Ultrasound Scans
Admissions In Hospital (As Application In The Hospital)Standard wards Semi private wardPrivate ward
Admissions Per Annum
Feeding On Admission
Drugs & Infusions
Antenatal Care & Delivery
Caesarian SectionNormal delivery
Routine (NPI) Immunization
Additional Immunization (Rotavirus, Pneumococcal, Varicella & Meningitis)XX0-5years
Emergency Services (Medical Emergencies, Intensive Care/Stabilization & Accident & Emergencies)(1day)
Minor Surgeries
Intermediate SurgeriesLimit: N200,000Limit: N250,000Limit: N350,000
Major SurgeriesPer personPer personPer person
Biennial Optical LensesXLimit: N15,000Limit: N25,000
Primary Dental Care
Secondary DentalX
HIV/Aids TreatmentTo the extent of diagnosis + treatment at free centerTo the extent of diagnosis + treatment at free centerTo the extent of diagnosis + treatment at free center
Special InvestigationsX
Annual Wellness CheckXX
Baby Care Unit (Intensive Care, Neonatal ICU, Special)*2 days ICU cover
Infertility Investigations Counseling /SFA/USS OnlyCounseling /SFA/USS HSGCounseling /SFA/Hormonal Assay/USS/HSG