Health Insurance : A necessity and not a luxury 

Health Insurance : A necessity and not a luxury 

Negligence of one’s health because of huge medical bills is very dangerous to your health. You may think that health insurance is too expensive, or that you don’t need it since you are young and healthy. After all, not having health insurance could save you a lot of money. life is unpredictable, the best thing one can do is to take control of situations rather than simply being reactive and letting them control you.

Nobody plans to get sick or hurt, but everybody needs medical care at some point. Keep in mind that there are other financial risks associated with forgoing health insurance, which is why you should consider health insurance a necessity and not a luxury.

While you may not want to spend the money on health insurance, there are a wide variety of reasons that you need to get health insurance.

  • It can be very expensive to deal with an unexpected medical emergency like appendicitis or Malaria. If you end up needing surgery or other long-term care, you will likely pay thousands of Naira for the care you need. If you end up needing to stay at the hospital for an extended period of time, the cost can really add up.
  •  Medical debt can bankrupt you. Medical debt can negatively affect your quality of life, and having health insurance is one way that you can prevent yourself from facing this type of issue. Many hospitals will work with you to set up a payment plan, but the minimum payments may still be more than you can afford and it may take you years to pay off the debt.
  • Health insurance makes it easier to go in to get preventive care so that you do not need more expensive procedures later. Taking care of small things like ear or sinus infections can prevent you from developing more serious complications, which may result in an emergency room visit or hospital stay. Annual physicals can help you catch things early, and avoid size-able medical bills.​However,  after getting your health insured, we as an HMO take lives seriously and do not support “Medical Negligence”. A hospital, doctor, or other health care professional is expected to provide a certain standard of care.

    When choosing a health insurance plan, you need to carefully choose the best policy that is currently available to you. Take the time to review your options and choose a policy that will work for you, both for your budget and health needs.